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Seventy-Five Hours

Holding Barbie up to me, you said “My mommy’s in jail” and broke the strong girl face that walked through my door. I pulled Barbie up while you cried in your thick five-year-old legs dressed in pink four-year-old pants. In two weeks you’d be six starting first grade. You knew your letters and how to […]

Cover of my book!

Coming soon! Original art by Esmeralda Villalobos:


I’m very excited to have my poem “Honey” included in Pyrokinection. It is another one from my upcoming poetry book, All the Tiny Anchors.

Tic Toc Anthology

I am honored to have my poem, “Westwood Boulevard (Why I Can’t Go Back)” included in Tic Toc, an anthology about time. The editors asked “authors to let their minds drip through the hourglass…authors created a kaleidoscopic array of time tunnels for the reader to travel through.  So take a moment, pick a door, allow […]

Carnival Magic

Two of my poems, “5:38” and “Sonic Screwdriver”, are included in this special issue of Carnival Literary Magazine all about magic! You can get your very own FREE downloadable copy and read many amazing poems and stories.


Cliterature is an online and print journal about women’s sexuality. I am very honored to have my poem “View at 4 A.M.” included in the June 2014, Climax issue.

Night Swimming as Ceremony

I didn’t respect her she was terrible at her job we were grateful when she was gone it annoyed me that she wrote her name on the cover of my booksthat none of her sets were complete that she left a mess behind but then……she was really gone all those psychological stresses were physical and […]

The Mayo Review

I am incredibly honored to be a featured poet in the Spring 2014 edition of The Mayo Review. Three of my poems “If I Ever Have Children”, “Flourish”, and “Cathedral” (last two are in All the Tiny Anchors) are included in the pages with many other excellent poets like Tobi Cogswell and Daniel Romo.

June 24th @ Coffee Cartel

Nancy Lynée Woo and I will be reading poetry for you in Redondo Beach at the Coffee Cartel on Tuesday, June 24th at 8:00 pm. The Redondo Beach Poets have a weekly reading every Tuesday with an open reading sign up starting at 7:50. We would love you to join us! RSVP on Facebook Coffee Cartel: 1820 South Catalina […]

Rejoice in My Anger and My Apathy

Tiny creatures are living in my stomach They are living off the lining, gnawing holes They returned or were dormant for years They remind me that I’ve held back too long That I need to let more of it go Pack that box, donate to charity They burrow deep, clenching tight They love my body […]