Anchors (Poetry with Music)

Love Letter No.1: To My Pit-Bull Self

I love the teeth of your love how you pit-bull deep into the flesh of loving How you make shrines in the empty spaces, abandoned apartments Shrines to former residents of borrowed books and toiletries envelopes full of photographs and letters in pen How you never fill the same space with new but keep building […]


The first time you kissed me I should have seen it coming You were animal-starved pawing hungry at my hips You were hurricane-tongued bracing me against your mouth I pulled up fierce to match you claw for claw around your neck I could not hear us breathing deafened by your torrent eyes I did not […]


I keep smiling while I read them. All three texts. Sitting at a Greek place with coworkers at a long table for fifteen. Middle aged women and their husbands are asking about you. They all want to meet the man who put stars under my skin. I just told them about the place we found […]

If I Ever Have Children

If I ever have children they will never know me in my thirties the woman checking it off all the things-to-do like a master’s degree and home buying like falling in love completely and writing a book of how it ends finding new community and loving her whole body flawed flinging open all the doors […]

5:38 on Soundcloud

Another track from Anchors, “5:38”, is available to listen to on Soundcloud. This poem was also recently published in Carnival Lit Mag, Magic issue and will be included in All the Tiny Anchors, which will be available soon!

Skin As Thick As Walruses

  “Skin As Thick As Walruses”, along with “White Sandals”, is included in the anthology Disorder: Mental Illness and Its Affects published by Red Dashboard now available. I feel extremely honored to be a part of this anthology since this issue is very near to my heart. Before you buy your very own copy, you can listen […]

Summer Drunk

Summer Drunk

Another track from my recording, Anchors, available on Soundcloud. Summer Drunk It’s the heat, it reeks of his smell reminds me of the place under his collar and edges of his long sleeves. How the air was too thick for sleeping how I was constantly intoxicated with the hum of his voice. I lay in […]



Click here to listen to live recording with music! You were always in need of sleep always closing your eyes lying against me I built myself around you a place of safe-rest Let those deep gut-long sighs out into our warm space rubbed your dark-circled eyes when I bathed you in my wide comfort I […]

How to Lose 25 Pounds Without Dieting, Pills, or Exercise

How to Lose 25 Pounds Without Dieting, Pills, or Exercise

I am incredibly excited to share this recording from, Anchors, a 12 track spoken word album that I will have available very soon. Lovingly produced in collaboration with Blacksheep Music (Karlee A. Tittle Cuff on violin, Bobby Cuff production). (Click link to listen) How to Lose 25 Pounds Without Dieting, Pills, or Exercise 1. Open a Christmas card […]