2014 · Poetry · The Unnamed Algorithm

Dust Universe

when sun falls in dim slants
through holes in thin curtains
you can see the universe of dust
they have not traveled here
but revealed by narrow sunbeams
in the quiet light of morning
suddenly, I am afraid to breathe
the enormity of it
billions of particles floating
hovering like microscopic gnats
when I see them swarming
I can’t let them in my lungs
molecules of dead skin and ash
lit up as thick as stars flickering
landing in my living room
I can’t tell anyone how
we are always swallowing
parts of each other
I have to keep it secret
so I open up the curtains wide
for ancient light to swallow
this exact moment in time
and deliver it to the past

First published in East Jasmine Review.

Events · Feature Readings

Uptown Village Market on December 4th & 5th


On December 4th & 5th, Sadie Girl Press will be joining Lucid Moose Lit for the bi-annual Uptown Village Market at the Expo Center in Bixby Knolls. Beginning with the monthly First Fridays event from 6-9 pm, and continuing on Saturday, December 5th from 11-5, we will have a table set up in the Expo Center with our books to sell, information about our projects, and clothing collection drive for a local women’s shelter.

On Saturday, from 2-4, we will join liz gonzález of the Uptown Word Reading & Art Series for a special event called “Women Word Workers”, featuring local Long Beach women making an impact in the literacy scene. Nancy Lynée Woo, liz gonzález, and myself, Sarah Thursday, will read our work and share what we are doing for our community. There will also be an open mic for anyone to share a poem, song, story, or other form of expression.

Join us at the Expo Center at 4321 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807, on December 4th & 5th! Follow our Facebook event for more details.

2014 · Poetry · The Unnamed Algorithm

The First Him

It’s home movies on a reel-to-reel.
Light is always dim, pouring in
from thin covered windows.
He is carpenter, framing houses.
Long days in the sun tan his skin,
make him sleep late on weekends.
We play Ambulance anytime I bump my head,
scrape my shin. He lifts me over his shoulders
and mocks sirens rushing hurried to hospitals.
He lays me down like a patient and makes me giggle,
fingertips under the arms, across the belly.
For seconds, I forget.
I am a laughing four-year-old unafraid.
Until I am not. Until the looming frame of him
scrapes ceilings, pulls in the weight of rooftops
down into the darkest room, windows covered thick.
He does not lock his door. I play the secret game
of Find the place he is not. Stay quiet enough
and he won’t see you close the door.
He will not call after you.
Scratches flicker across film spliced memories
as the reel hums, tick-tick-tick-tick-tick.

First appeared in East Jasmine Review.


Cadence Collective 2nd Monday Poetry Party

From the Long Beach Post!!!

Cadence Collective, founded in 2013 by local poet Sarah Thursday, author of All the Tiny Anchors (Sadie Girl Press, 2014), is a site that features poets from Long Beach and the surrounding area, and reliably turns out stunning poetry and visual work by local artists.

In addition, Thursday edits annual anthologies, bringing Cadence Collective’s carefully curated online presence into an expertly-made physical form. Along with these lively poetry projects, Cadence Collective also runs monthly readings the second Monday of every month at Fox Coffeehouse.

From arrival, Sarah Thursday roamed the room, welcoming and encouraging all in attendance to share their work. Vegan fare and coffee cups in hand, people continued to pack into the cozy room to the extent that we spilled over into a second, necessitating the creation of an ad hoc second seating area. Thursday and her co-host G. Murray Thomas, author of Cows on the Freeway(iUniverse, 2000) and My Kidney Just Arrived (Tebot Bach, 2011), commented on the slew of new faces in the audience.



Read more at the Long Beach Post site: Cadence Collective 2nd Monday Poetry Party

2015 · Publications

Yellow Chair Review

yellow chair Very excited to have a poem published in the newest issue of Yellow Chair Review! “Oil-Black” is one about my grandfather I wrote shortly after his death last year. I had the hardest time setting on revisions for this poem, but decided it was time to send it out into the world. There are many fine poems in this issue, including one from my friend, Jeri Thompson. Enjoy!

Events · Feature Readings

Women Word Workers


Woman Word Workers is an event held through the Uptown Market at the Expo Center in Long Beach. The Uptown Market begins on Friday evening, December 4th, in conjunction with Bixby Knolls’ monthly First Fridays celebration. It continues on Saturday, December 5th, from 11 am to 5 pm, with artists and crafters displaying and selling their work.

From 2- 4 pm Women Word Workers will be presenting local women in the Long Beach literary scene, Liz Gonzalez, Nancy Lynee Woo, and myself. Liz has been hosting a new reading series called Uptown Reading and Arts Series  in North Long Beach. Nancy Lynee Woo will be discussing and promoting Lucid Moose Lit, and I will be there to represent Sadie Girl Press and Cadence Collective. There will be an open mic for all types of artists, poets, story tellers, and musicians.

Join the event on Facebook for more details!