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All About My Name Poetry Series

cropped-hi-res_logo1Ever wonder why “Sarah Thursday”? No, it’s not my legal name, but the one I have chosen. You can read my poem “Hammer of My Name“,  on the Silver Birch Press website. It was written just for this series where many poets explain the origins of their names. This series will continue through the month of June and July. It already includes many of my favorites, like G. Murray Thomas, Thomas R. Thomas, Barbara Eknoian, Rick Lupert, Lynne Thompson, and Robin Dawn Hudechek, among others.


2015 · Publications

velvet-tail, issue #3

tumblr_npxaauCgdG1u9egmfo1_500 bThis incredibly creative journal, velvet-tail, has once again selected one of my poems to have a custom collage done by the editor, Canese Jarobe. View the entire poem, “Funeral for Bees”, and even one by my friend Charlotte San Juan, at velvet-tail.com. The art is sumptuous and the poetry vivid!


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Live recording of Poetry, Rhythm and Noise: Muliebrity


On May 17th, I had the honor of once again reading with Dave Williams & MBT at CALB at the Shore. I shared my time with four other female power poets, JL Martindale, Raundi Moore-Kondo, Elmast Kozloyan, and MsT Musze. We were all dazzled by the incredible improvisational talents of Dave’s jazz crew, Magic Bullet Theory. Even though traveling back in time is not an option if you missed it, you can actually hear all the performances on Bandcamp. If that wasn’t enough, you can download them in two volumes for FREE.

Listen or download at mbtmusic.bandcamp.com/album/prose-rhythm-and-noise-muliebrity-vol-1 and mbtmusic.bandcamp.com/album/prose-rhythm-and-noise-muliebrity-vol-2.

2015 · Publications

Hedgerow #32: Silver Brick Road

So excited to have another poem (with one in the next issue as well) in Hedgerow: a Journal of Small Poems! They have included “Silver Brick Road” at the very bottom of the issue. I wrote it about my friend Aly who has taught me so much about the power of optimism. Take a moment and read through the issue.



the green salon on June 27th

Have you ever been into a magical land where art, music, and poetry converge into one place? The place exists as the green salon in the home of Roy Shabla in the suburbs of Downey. On Saturday, June 27th, I will be joined by Raquel Reyes-Lopez and Kelsey Bryan-Zwick for a special performance of the journey into our poetic sisterhood. Because this is a private home, in order to find out more details, join the Facebook event page or email me at SarahThursday@gmail.com.GreenSalon5