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2015 Pasadena Author Fair

On Saturday, February 21st, my poetry partner, Nancy Lynée Woo and I will be joining authors from all around Southern California for the 2nd Annual Pasadena Author Fair. We will be talking on a panel about our books and offering our insights about this surreal journey we’ve been traveling. The Fair is from 10 am to […]

San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival!

I’m thrilled to be a part of the annual San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival! Last year, I attended this festival and not only discovered many new poets, but made many new friends. My dear poetry mother, Ricki Mandeville, made a prediction that I would be featuring in the next year. This year, I am honored […]

If I Ever Have Children

If I ever have children they will never know me in my thirties the woman checking it off all the things-to-do like a master’s degree and home buying like falling in love completely and writing a book of how it ends finding new community and loving her whole body flawed flinging open all the doors […]

Power Of Words Open Mic

On February 5th, I get to read poetry with some of my favorite people at this really great venue, Manazar Gamboa Theater in Long Beach, hosted by Felicia Cade. The P.O.W. (Power of Words) Open Mic will have my two favorite things: poetry and music. I’m planning on a special set of poems for the month […]

White Sandals

A ten year old girl stood in the alleyway in white buckled sandals that made her feel too tall— like someone twelve not ten like someone more carefree, sandals for a girl who could just be a girl and not— one begging her mother not to walk away, pleading her only parent to stop going […]

Last Thread

Last Thread

Originally posted on Cadence Collective: Long Beach Poets:
By Sarah Thursday It’s the last thread that’s so hard to cut The chain’s long broken the rope’s been unraveled I’ve swum against the currents I’ve surfaced near the shore The thin line’s still tangled through ocean tide hair It pulls out slow and shining like a…

The Unnamed Algorithm

In the spirit of Christmas, I decided to put together a new chapbook from many of the poems I had published in 2014 for my friends and family. The title comes from the first poem in the book, “Love Letter No. 1: To My Pit-Bull Self”. Most people don’t know how mathematically my mind actually […]

In-Flight Literary Magazine

 Issue #2 of In-Flight Literary Magazine is now available for your viewing pleasure! I am very pleased to have two poems I am especially fond of included, “Paper Airplane” and “Gill Growing”. The feature poet of this issue is fellow Gutters & Alleyways contributor, Anthony Khayat.  In addition to poetry, this site also features fiction […]