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The Lost Vowels

They changed the spelling of my name— too many vowels—when they crossed the ocean. Maybe that’s when France was severed from me, my father’s name simplified to the basic sounds. It carried nothing of its history, no region or dialect, just letters on a page that claimed I was his daughter. Distant traces of Parisian […]


After a nearly unbearable wait, Katzenhatz is finally here! Fellow Long Beach publisher, Bank Heavy Press’s highly anticipated release includes many of my favorite poets and friends, including Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo, Stephanie Ervin, Danielle Mitchell, Karie McNeley, Carissa Mercado, Larry Duncan, Thomas R. Thomas, Kevin Ridgeway, Toren Wallace, Olivia Somes, and G. Murray Thomas. My poem, […]

Carnival Lit Mag, Fall 2015

 Three of my poems, “If Poetry Is Parked Car”, “Good Friday Morning”, and “Sediment”, are included in the fall issue of Carnival Lit Mag, along with friends, Gerald Locklin and Thomas R. Thomas. Edited by Shannon Phillips, this virtual magazine is more than just a poetry website. Go directly to the issue here: Or check […]

How I Stopped Naming Lost Things

for my birthday This is where I don’t know what’s next this is where I get lost in the desert forty years of circle wandering This is where I try to fill the cracks this is where I see how much I can fit how many pages I can write how many nights of alcohol […]