Journals, Magazines, & Anthologies


“a skinned knee” and “canyon” in Toucan Salsa Press (upcoming)

“Class” in Rise Up Review (July 2020)

“shard” and “I fought for Love” in Redshift 4 (May 2020)

“Trigger”, “Plastic Limbs”, and “Poem Without the Whole Truth About Sex” in Making Up, Picture Show Press (February 2020)


“Avoidance” and “What I mean when I say Car Seat” in Writing in a Woman’s Voice (February 2019)

“Apology to the Palm Trees”, “I pay tax to your grin”, and “Class” in V, Picture Show Press (February 2019)


“Upon Consulting a Geologist” in Cliterature Journal (December 2018)

“Fling” in Writing in a Woman’s Voice (December 2018)

“Fate Ignores My Resolve”, “Dreams of Falling”, and “Water Witch” in Redshift (November 2018)

5:38” in Carnival Poetry Anthology (February 2018)

“Cubism” in Create, Nurture, Sustain (January 2018)


To My Obsessive Brain” and “to myself in grief state” in Incandescent Mind: Issue Three, Selfish Work (November 2017)

What to do with empty hands“, “Somatic“, and “Your Dark Sunlight” in Snorted the Moon and Doused the Sun (September 2017)

Suffocation Is Anxiety’s Friend” in Incandescent Mind: Issue Two (July 2017)

Reset the Clock” in Resist and Shout CD and ‘zine by the Long Beach Music Collective and Lucid Moose Lit (June 2017)

Crescendo or What I choose to remember“, “To the Men Who Told Me My Love Was Not Enough“, and “Damsel” in work to a calm (March 2017)

I will not apologize” in Al-Kemia Poetica (March 2017)


What I Mean When I Say We Can Talk Without Poetry” in Whiskey Fish Review (December 2016)

How She Will Be Remembered” in The Bastille (November 2016)

Comfort of Cars at Night” in Spectrum 7: What’s Your Heaven (October 2016)

Shed My Skin” and “The Congregation” on Long Beach Underground (October 2016)

Slow Skinning“, “Center of the Nucleus“, and “Circles for Words” in The Black Napkin (July 2016)

Keansburg Park, 2012” and “Boy, Emaciating Slow” in Angel City Review (July 2016)

Unanswered” in Hobo Camp Review (June 2016)

Five Miles Away and I Miss You” in Spectrum 5: Every Poem is an Idea (June 2016)

Oceans Once Receded” and “To Hello Kitty From My Little Pony at WE Labs” in Storm Cycle: Best of 2015 Anthology (May 2016)

Pressboard Salvation” in Drunk Monkeys Anthology Volume 3 (March 2016)

Diamond” in Spectrum 3: Love Poems (February 2016)

Oceans Once Receded” and “Love Letter No. 4: To the Nail Biter” in Elementary My Dears (January 2016)

No Epilogue“, “Black, the Consumption of Song” and “Mouth of Fireflies” in Cadence Collective (August, May, February 2016)

When I’ve said all the words I can say“, “Unnamed Color“, “Dead Song” in Ekphrasitc California (January 2016)

How to Unexist“, “If you ask me what I want“, and “How to Go Backwards” in Cultural Weekly (January 2016)


Jigsawed“in Ekphrasitc California (December 2015)

Bows” in Spectrum 2: The Gift (December 2015)

Car Accident, 14 Months Going“, “Death by Rust“, “Record Scratch“, “The Atmosphere I Miss“, and “First Ride” in The Poet’s Haven (December 2015)

Dancing with Damage“, “Colors for Bruising“, “Base of My Spine“, “How I Stopped Naming Lost Things“, and “Smiling at Strangers” in On the Grid Zine (November 2015)

Throat” and “Tracheotomy” in Then & Now: Conversations with Old Friends (November 2015)

“Liquid Forget” in Heartbreak: Fuse (October 2015)

What I Mean When I Say Ageless” in The Four Seasons Anthology (October 2015)

Pack Animals“, “Some Haphazard Line Tied to a Kitchen Table“, and “Unknown Employee” in Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity (September 2015)

How Quiet Kills” in Spectrum: An Anthology of Southern California Poets (September 2015)

Honey” and “Not Sleeping” in Storm Cycle: Best of 2014 (August 2015)

Sediment“, “Good Friday Morning“, and “If Poetry Is Parked Car” in Carnival Lit Mag (August 2015)

To Agree Philosophically” in Katzenhatz Bank-Heavy Press (August 2015)

Pressboard Salvation“, “First Ride“, “Keyhole Apocalypse”, “Dear Blond-Haired, Blue-Eyed Jesus”, and “Monkey Bars and Golden Spokes” in Drunk Monkeys (July 2015)

Hammer of My Name” in All About My Name Poetry Series by Silver Birch Press (June 2015)

Funeral for Bees” in velvet-tail (June 2015)

When the Dam Won’t Break” in Hedgerow: a Journal of Small Poems #33 (June 2015)

Silver Brick Road” in Hedgerow: a Journal of Small Poems #32 (June 2015)

What I Mean When I Say Run“, “Girl in Flight“, and “Love Letter No. 3: To My Mending Self” in Indiana Voice Journal (May 2015)

To Hello Kitty From My Little Pony at WE Labs” in Pyrokinection (April 2015)

Paint” and “What I Mean When I Say My House Is Now a Park” in In-flight Literary Magazine (April 2015)

Pulp-Plastered” in The Camel Saloon (March 2015)

Both Wolves and Sheep Alike” and “Drawing Maps for the Lost” in East Jasmine Review (March 2015)

Jelly Shoes” in special edition ‘zine Like a Girl: The Pre-Show! (February 2015)

Elephant” in velvet-tail (February 2015)

Last Thread“, “Passing Sounds Fade“, “I don’t have room to write about it all“, and “Death by Rust” in Cadence Collective (January, February, June, July 2015)

Paper Airplane” and “Gill Growing” in Paper Plane Pilots (January 2015)


Yellow” and “Fruit of My Offspring” in Elsewhere Lit (December 2014)

My Friends Who Write Poetry” in Uno Kudo Vol. 4 (December 2014)

Fixing a Hole” in Hedgerow: a Journal of Small Poems (November 2014)

Frost” in The Rainbow Journal (November 2014)

“Dance Wildly”, “My Mother Taught Me“, and “My Friends Who Write Poetry” in A Poet Is A Poet No Matter How Tall, Episode II: Attack of the Poems (November 2014)

Why I Can’t Kill Daddy Longlegs Hiding in My Shower“, “Murrieta“, and “All the Ways I Deserve You” in Gutters and Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle (September 2014)

Unnamed” in Hedgerow: a Journal of Small Poems (October 2014)

“Night Birds” as a recording in a birdhouse in the Bird Up! Series (October 2014)

Lament for the Atlantic” in San Pedro River Review (September 2014)

First Him“, “Dust Universe“, and “Scent Stained” in East Jasmine Review (September 2014)

Love Letter No. 1: To My Pit-Bull Self” in Self-Portrait Series Silver Birch Press (August 2014)

“Heaps of Your Life” on The Member Spotlight of The Poetry Lab Webpage (August 2014)

The Lost Vowels” in The Bastille (July 2014)

Daylight” in First Literary Review-East (July 2014)

Honey” in Pyrokinection (June 2014)

Sonic Screwdriver” and “5:38” in Carnival: Magic Tricks, Gambling, and Las Vegas (June 2014)

View at 4 A.M.” in Cliterature (June 2014)

If I Ever Have Children“, “Flourish“,  “Cathedral” in The Mayo Review (June 2014)

Westwood Boulevard (Why I Can’t Go Back)” in Tic Toc, Kind of A Hurricane Press (June 2014)

Reef of Clouds” in San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly (May 2014)

The Truth of My Skin“, “Words in Stone and Liquid“, and “The First Her” in East Jasmine Review (May 2014)

Lies to Tell My Body“, “Viscosity” in Storm Cycle: Best of 2013 Anthology (May 2014)

Skin As Thick As Walruses“, “White Sandals” in Disorder: Mental Illness and Its Affects (May 2014)

Last Hour of 37” in One Sentence Poems (April 2014)

Global Warming” in Gambler Mag (April 2014)

Not Sleeping” in Something’s Brewing, Kind of a Hurricane Press (April 2014)

How to Lose 25 Pounds Without Dieting, Pills, or Exercise” in The Heartbreak Anthology (March 2014)

All the Ways I Love You, Long Beach“, “Sunken“, “July 1970“, “Plump Tomatoes“, “January 1991“, “Love Letter No. 2: To My Inner Light” in Cadence Collective (January, February, March, April, July, August 2014)

Night Swimming as Ceremony“, “Seventy-Five Hours“, “Child of the Alleyway” in Ishaan Literary Review (January 2014)


Sharon as Segue“, “Rejoice in My Anger and My Apathy” in Carnival (December 2013)

Summer Drunk” in Lummox Anthology 2, Lummox Press (November 2013)

Excuses“, “Night Birds“, “Hostage” in Eunoia Review (November 2013)

Pale Yellow” in poeticdiversity (November 2013)

Song Writer“, “Brown Eyed Boy (But Not a Boy)“, “How He Is Not My Child“, “The Silence of Trains” in Cadence Collective (August, September, October, November 2013)

Disconnected” in We All Bleed the Same (October 2013)

I Buried You” in The Camel Saloon (September 2013)

Ramble” in The Mind[less] Muse (September 2013)

Viscosity” in Pyrokinection (September 2013)

Present Affirmations“, “Lies to Tell My Body” in Napalm & Novocain (September 2013)

Earth Colored Hair” in Chaparral (August 2013)

Unknown Employee” in East Jasmine Review (August 2013)

Pack Animals” in Atticus Review (July 2013)

Once we were angry youth” on Jackie & Tanya’s Friendship Blog (March 2013)


Last and Final Poem to N.L.” in The Long Beach Union (October 1999)

“Jamie Turns Seventeen” in Stylus Magazine (June 1992)