The Unnamed Algorithm


Write about important things things that move me things that crush me Write about hurricanes and avalanches the earthquakes of my soul It’s the grit beneath my fingernails it’s the cartilage in my vertebrae I am driven to expose it to pull it out hold it up to the light I am only the messenger […]

Scent Stained

You are the mistake I want to make I will wrap myself in your red flags and let you peel them off one silk layer at a time You are the regret I want to have I’ll bind you in my caution tape lay on a bed of warning signs cold metal against warm skin […]

Dust Universe

when sun falls in dim slants through holes in thin curtains you can see the universe of dust they have not traveled here but revealed by narrow sunbeams in the quiet light of morning suddenly, I am afraid to breathe the enormity of it billions of particles floating hovering like microscopic gnats when I see […]

The First Him

It’s home movies on a reel-to-reel. Light is always dim, pouring in from thin covered windows. He is carpenter, framing houses. Long days in the sun tan his skin, make him sleep late on weekends. We play Ambulance anytime I bump my head, scrape my shin. He lifts me over his shoulders and mocks sirens […]

The Lost Vowels

They changed the spelling of my name— too many vowels—when they crossed the ocean. Maybe that’s when France was severed from me, my father’s name simplified to the basic sounds. It carried nothing of its history, no region or dialect, just letters on a page that claimed I was his daughter. Distant traces of Parisian […]

Love Letter No.1: To My Pit-Bull Self

I love the teeth of your love how you pit-bull deep into the flesh of loving How you make shrines in the empty spaces, abandoned apartments Shrines to former residents of borrowed books and toiletries envelopes full of photographs and letters in pen How you never fill the same space with new but keep building […]

View at 4 A.M.

You, a landscape sloping down into soft valleys where I trace your bare terrain outlined in moonlight, I rest on your dark side how you speak clearest in silence still as mountain tops I, lying in your slant night, an eager traveler pulling at your dawn, sunrise us— turn and move earth in me. First […]

If I Ever Have Children

If I ever have children they will never know me in my thirties the woman checking it off all the things-to-do like a master’s degree and home buying like falling in love completely and writing a book of how it ends finding new community and loving her whole body flawed flinging open all the doors […]

White Sandals

A ten year old girl stood in the alleyway in white buckled sandals that made her feel too tall— like someone twelve not ten like someone more carefree, sandals for a girl who could just be a girl and not— one begging her mother not to walk away, pleading her only parent to stop going […]

The Unnamed Algorithm

In the spirit of Christmas, I decided to put together a new chapbook from many of the poems I had published in 2014 for my friends and family. The title comes from the first poem in the book, “Love Letter No. 1: To My Pit-Bull Self”. Most people don’t know how mathematically my mind actually […]