2014 · Poetry · The Unnamed Algorithm

Dust Universe

when sun falls in dim slants
through holes in thin curtains
you can see the universe of dust
they have not traveled here
but revealed by narrow sunbeams
in the quiet light of morning
suddenly, I am afraid to breathe
the enormity of it
billions of particles floating
hovering like microscopic gnats
when I see them swarming
I can’t let them in my lungs
molecules of dead skin and ash
lit up as thick as stars flickering
landing in my living room
I can’t tell anyone how
we are always swallowing
parts of each other
I have to keep it secret
so I open up the curtains wide
for ancient light to swallow
this exact moment in time
and deliver it to the past

First published in East Jasmine Review.

2014 · Poetry · The Unnamed Algorithm

The First Him

It’s home movies on a reel-to-reel.
Light is always dim, pouring in
from thin covered windows.
He is carpenter, framing houses.
Long days in the sun tan his skin,
make him sleep late on weekends.
We play Ambulance anytime I bump my head,
scrape my shin. He lifts me over his shoulders
and mocks sirens rushing hurried to hospitals.
He lays me down like a patient and makes me giggle,
fingertips under the arms, across the belly.
For seconds, I forget.
I am a laughing four-year-old unafraid.
Until I am not. Until the looming frame of him
scrapes ceilings, pulls in the weight of rooftops
down into the darkest room, windows covered thick.
He does not lock his door. I play the secret game
of Find the place he is not. Stay quiet enough
and he won’t see you close the door.
He will not call after you.
Scratches flicker across film spliced memories
as the reel hums, tick-tick-tick-tick-tick.

First appeared in East Jasmine Review.

2014 · Books · Publications · The Unnamed Algorithm

The Unnamed Algorithm

Unnamed Algorithm PB Cover copyIn the spirit of Christmas, I decided to put together a new chapbook from many of the poems I had published in 2014 for my friends and family. The title comes from the first poem in the book, “Love Letter No. 1: To My Pit-Bull Self”. Most people don’t know how mathematically my mind actually operates. At the same time, I rely on my intuition daily. I do not see them as contradicting.  I see it as an automatic calculated procedure, or algorithm, my brain carries out to make many decisions the same way we breathe without having to tell ourselves to breathe. I have grown to depend on this more and more as I have Life less and less planned out. The cover art, by the ridiculously talented Fernando Gallegos, is a spiral staircase which also has mathematical meaning and beauty.

It’s a small chapbook with only 28 pages. I have some limited edition copies with a vellum-layered cover available by special request or in person. The perfect bound, matte cover version will be available through the Sadie Girl Press website soon.

2014 · Publications

Elsewhere Lit: Issue 3

329646_10150461596698532_1770780087_oI am thrilled to have two poems, “Yellow” and “Fruit of Your Offspring”, in the new issue of the completely revamped online journal Elsewhere Lit. They have poetry, prose, and visual art to please the eyes and heart. Take a few minutes to check out this gorgeous site ran by Nandini Dhar and others. Includes work by my friend and Cadence poet, J.D. Isip.

2014 · Publications

Uno Kudo Vol. 4

51rB4oqSt-LI am honored to have my poem, “My Friends Who Write Poetry”, included in this gorgeous journal, Uno Kudo Vol. 4. This journal pairs poetry and prose with stunning color images created by artists for the work. Also in this volume are the amazing Larry Duncan, Danielle Mitchell, and Erin Parker. You can get you hands on your own copy by finding this issue on Amazon.


2014 · Publications

The Rainbow Journal, Issue 6

Please take a moment to check out this beautiful site, The Rainbow Journal, which includes a poem I wrote a year ago, “Frost“. This poem got lost in the shuffle until I finally took it to Eric Morago’s Whittier workshop and gave it some new life. Now it has found a home in this “Dawn” themed issue. Hope you enjoy!

Silver Stars 3

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Attack of the Poems!

10610814_10204936786610132_3165700428228359159_n The second installment of A Poet is a Poet No Matter How Tall: Episode II Attack of the Poems is out now! Not only to I get to have a poem of mine in this incredible anthology edited by the gorgeous Raundi Kai Moore-Kondo, I get to share these pages with an incredible number of my friends, including my niece, Kailani, and my former student, Hailey. You should pick up  a copy of this goodness and read the ridiculous amount of age friendly poetry filled with love! Get it here at the Createspace store, or find it on Amazon.