Write about important things things that move me things that crush me Write about hurricanes and avalanches the earthquakes of my soul It’s the grit beneath my fingernails it’s the cartilage in my vertebrae I am driven to expose it to pull it out hold it up to the light I am only the messenger […]

Kai Arrives at the Moon Recording

A poem I wrote for my niece to welcome her into womanhood.

Why I Can’t Kill Daddy Longlegs Hiding in My Shower Curtain

Because I know he is home-seeking and hungry. Because I see the fragility of eight legs holding tight to porcelain. Because I once needed to be scooped up from drowning showers to sunlit window panes.Because when I was nine, I had to break into our motel room on a Friday night after church.Because my mom […]

Lament for the Atlantic

Seas of us stretch like solar systems. On all sides she threads charcoal death. Space between stars is space between islands circled in gray. Here, even air sinks heavy into broken-hearted eyes. I swim from the island of highways and high-rises to the island of roadless hills. Neighbored only by sea nymphs and forever sky. […]


When you rise early from your wide bed pull on your long pants, brush your porcelain teeth, do you also decide to fill your mouth with pebbles stuff them into your cheeks for stoning small children? When you gather the keys to your reliable car, drink your coffee, eat your toast and eggs, do you […]

Gummo (From a Dream)

I saw you on TV lastnight tall and skinnyextra nervous your off-set fashion twelveyearoldface you were talking with David Letterman (who wouldn’t listen) you kept looking away grimacing you mention Ulysses and Snoop Dogg I felt like calling or driving to your apartment and no-talking I just wanted you to know he was trying to […]

Scent Stained

You are the mistake I want to make I will wrap myself in your red flags and let you peel them off one silk layer at a time You are the regret I want to have I’ll bind you in my caution tape lay on a bed of warning signs cold metal against warm skin […]

The Poet’s Haven

Just got word that two of my poems, “Car Accident, 14 Months Going” and “Death by Rust“, were accepted and published on The Poet’s Haven. Both of these poems were written in early 2013, which feels like a lifetime ago. “Car Accident…” is also in All the Tiny Anchors and “Death…” was included in Cadence […]

Dust Universe

when sun falls in dim slants through holes in thin curtains you can see the universe of dust they have not traveled here but revealed by narrow sunbeams in the quiet light of morning suddenly, I am afraid to breathe the enormity of it billions of particles floating hovering like microscopic gnats when I see […]

The First Him

It’s home movies on a reel-to-reel. Light is always dim, pouring in from thin covered windows. He is carpenter, framing houses. Long days in the sun tan his skin, make him sleep late on weekends. We play Ambulance anytime I bump my head, scrape my shin. He lifts me over his shoulders and mocks sirens […]