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Spoken Word Club of Laguna Woods on June 23rd

_5012133_origOn Tuesday, June 23rd at 1 p.m., I will be joining the one and only Amélie Frank at the Spoken Word Club of Laguna Woods. This monthly reading in the past has featured some of my favorite poets, including JL Martindale, Raundi Moore-Kondo, and Ricki Mandeville. If that wasn’t enough, Ellyn Maybe is now co-hosting the event! Find and follow them on Facebook to get the most current information: Spoken Word Club of Laguna Woods.

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Love Letter No.1: To My Pit-Bull Self

I love the teeth of your love
how you pit-bull deep
into the flesh of loving
How you make shrines
in the empty spaces,
abandoned apartments
Shrines to former residents
of borrowed books and toiletries
envelopes full of photographs
and letters in pen
How you never fill
the same space with new
but keep building out
expand the frames and floors
How you know when to change the locks
and when to nail it shut

I love how you calculate
estimate the risk
How you trust
the unnamed algorithm
the intuitive push, flashing “Yes,
love this one, let that one in!”
How soft your wrought-iron grip
holds every name tight
each face, its own story
each moment, a glass in your pane
How you refuse to argue
about the wrong
or right way to love

I love how so much of it matters
how you will forgive
as many times
as they will call
and ask for it
How you defend this weakness
with the expense of wasted time
Your time-to-give being
your love currency
not words, not gifts,
not your doing-for-me
But your minutes and hours
your speak to me, eat with me
your listen and watch with me
sit in this space of air
I breathe with me is love

I love how love-greedy you get
How you collect time
and stuff it in bags and boxes
shove it on shelves, in closets
covering walls, blocking doorways
in empty apartments
You guard-dog this house
an unapologetic hoarder
How you refuse to purge it
refuse to loosen your grip
Set shrines in windowsills
light blood candles
There is always room
for more

Originally published in Silver Birch Press, Self-Portrait Series.
Also listen on Soundcloud.

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Indiana Voice Journal, May 2015

11168380_843343465739749_6593578778141951809_nIncredibly honored to be in the special all women’s edition of Indiana Voice Journal, featuring all female authors and artists. They have included three poems of mine, “What I Mean When I Say Run”, “Girl in Flight”, and “Love Letter No. 3: To My Mending Self”, each of which displays a strong female voice. Please take a few moments and view the poems at, as well as the many other women featured this month.