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Mouth of Fireflies

What God there was in me saw
the God there was in him,
and it was beautiful.
-Amélie Frank

he speaks floating sparks of light
and lights a thousand eyes around him
he won’t follow their leaving paths
throws them out and lets them land
like seeds he’ll never see grow

I chase the fireflies of his mouth
the ones that miss their mark
I want to catch them in jars
drink them to kill my own night-growing
they sky-float beyond my reach
past the dim canopy of city light

I once drank him like a fountain
my wet lips glowed for days
my eyes shone too bright for sleeping
maybe I only dreamt him at my mouth
since the universe won’t return him
it steals his beauty for dreamers
and says, light your own fire

first you must crack your ribs
break them into brittle shards
cut your palms in your own grasp
next you must rub the sticks
of your rib bones fast
do this all on the inside
then sing out to the dark unknowing

your sparks aren’t made for eyes
your sparks are made to burn hunger
burn the ache in their bellies
throw them out like seeds
don’t wait for them to grow

First published in Cadence Collective.

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Spoken Word Club of Laguna Woods on June 23rd

_5012133_origOn Tuesday, June 23rd at 1 p.m., I will be joining the one and only Amélie Frank at the Spoken Word Club of Laguna Woods. This monthly reading in the past has featured some of my favorite poets, including JL Martindale, Raundi Moore-Kondo, and Ricki Mandeville. If that wasn’t enough, Ellyn Maybe is now co-hosting the event! Find and follow them on Facebook to get the most current information: Spoken Word Club of Laguna Woods.