2015 · Publications

velvet-tail, issue #3

tumblr_npxaauCgdG1u9egmfo1_500 bThis incredibly creative journal, velvet-tail, has once again selected one of my poems to have a custom collage done by the editor, Canese Jarobe. View the entire poem, “Funeral for Bees”, and even one by my friend Charlotte San Juan, at velvet-tail.com. The art is sumptuous and the poetry vivid!


2015 · Publications


Elephant on Velvet-Tail┬áThis is a poetry website unlike any other I have seen. The editor,┬áCanese Jarboe, creates handmade collages to compliment the poetry she showcases on the site. She has graciously accepted “Elephant”, a poem of mine, and created a beautiful frame of leaves and flowers. She feels the leaves evoke the texture of elephant skin. The photo here is merely a glimpse. You need to visit velvet-tail.com for yourself to see my poem as well as other pieces displayed with her creative vision.