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Kai Arrives at the Moon Recording

A poem I wrote for my niece to welcome her into womanhood. Advertisements

Why I Can’t Kill Daddy Longlegs Hiding in My Shower Curtain

Because I know he is home-seeking and hungry. Because I see the fragility of eight legs holding tight to porcelain. Because I once needed to be scooped up from drowning showers to sunlit window panes.Because when I was nine, I had to break into our motel room on a Friday night after church.Because my mom […]

The First Him

It’s home movies on a reel-to-reel. Light is always dim, pouring in from thin covered windows. He is carpenter, framing houses. Long days in the sun tan his skin, make him sleep late on weekends. We play Ambulance anytime I bump my head, scrape my shin. He lifts me over his shoulders and mocks sirens […]

Yellow Chair Review

 Very excited to have a poem published in the newest issue of Yellow Chair Review! “Oil-Black” is one about my grandfather I wrote shortly after his death last year. I had the hardest time setting on revisions for this poem, but decided it was time to send it out into the world. There are many […]

The Lost Vowels

They changed the spelling of my name— too many vowels—when they crossed the ocean. Maybe that’s when France was severed from me, my father’s name simplified to the basic sounds. It carried nothing of its history, no region or dialect, just letters on a page that claimed I was his daughter. Distant traces of Parisian […]

Drunk Monkeys Writer of the Month

I am incredibly honored to be Drunk Monkeys “Writer of the Month” for July. They will be posting five of my poems across the month, the first of which is “Pressboard Salvation“. It’s about a childhood memory when I’d hide under the pews at church. Please enjoy!

In-Flight Literary Magazine Issue # 3

The newest issue of In-flight Literary Magazine is out today! I have two very different poems up, “What I Mean When I Say My House Is Now a Park” and “Paint”. One is a memory of my young childhood house that has since been demolished and the other is a lyrical poem. There are many […]

East Jasmine Review Volume 2 Issue 4

 The new East Jasmine Review is out now! You can download this lovely literary journal for the price of a fancy coffee. It is packed full of amazing authors such as: Sean Gunning, John Brantingham, Kelsey Bryan-Zwick, Natalie Morales, Michael Cantin, and Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo. I am especially happy that two of my poems based around my dysfunctional […]

Sonic Screwdriver

for Josh I wish I had a sonic screwdriver I wish I had a magic wand I wish I had a time machine or pixie dust or a book of spells I wish I had a genie lamp I wish I had the holy grail I wish I had a flying carpet or a portal […]

If I Ever Have Children

If I ever have children they will never know me in my thirties the woman checking it off all the things-to-do like a master’s degree and home buying like falling in love completely and writing a book of how it ends finding new community and loving her whole body flawed flinging open all the doors […]