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Write about important things things that move me things that crush me Write about hurricanes and avalanches the earthquakes of my soul It’s the grit beneath my fingernails it’s the cartilage in my vertebrae I am driven to expose it to pull it out hold it up to the light I am only the messenger […]

Kai Arrives at the Moon Recording

A poem I wrote for my niece to welcome her into womanhood.

Why I Can’t Kill Daddy Longlegs Hiding in My Shower Curtain

Because I know he is home-seeking and hungry. Because I see the fragility of eight legs holding tight to porcelain. Because I once needed to be scooped up from drowning showers to sunlit window panes.Because when I was nine, I had to break into our motel room on a Friday night after church.Because my mom […]

Poet’s Haven Part 2

Once again, two more of my poems are on The Poet’s Haven this week! “The Atmosphere I Miss” was included in All the Tiny Anchors, but I always hoped it would find an independent home. The second one, “Record Scratch” has never found a home and I’m very happy it finally has! Both poems are […]

The First Him

It’s home movies on a reel-to-reel. Light is always dim, pouring in from thin covered windows. He is carpenter, framing houses. Long days in the sun tan his skin, make him sleep late on weekends. We play Ambulance anytime I bump my head, scrape my shin. He lifts me over his shoulders and mocks sirens […]

Yellow Chair Review

 Very excited to have a poem published in the newest issue of Yellow Chair Review! “Oil-Black” is one about my grandfather I wrote shortly after his death last year. I had the hardest time setting on revisions for this poem, but decided it was time to send it out into the world. There are many […]

On the Grid Zine Part 5

The 5th poem on the site, On the Grid Zine, is “Smiling at Strangers“. It’s actually one I wrote a few years back. Sometimes you got to push yourself out of your comfort zone to make progress. In some ways, I’ve never looked back.

On the Grid Part 4

My 4th poem, “How I Stopped Naming Lost Things“, on the new site, On the Grid Zine. Sometimes life gets you all turned around and you just live with your current state. Take a moment to read some other poems and stories on this lovely site about mental health.

On the Grid Part 3

3rd poem on the new site, On the Grid Zine, all about mental health! I wrote “Base of My Spine” a few years ago, but the feeling still applies. My body and my mind in tension. Take a moment to read and look at the others!

On the Grid Part 2

2nd poem up on On the Grid Zine! This one is “Colors for Bruising” and was one of my more recently written poems. I’m glad it found a home on a site for such an important topic as our mental health.