2016 · Publications

Cultural Weekly


Three of my most gut-wrenching poems are up on Cultural Weekly, “How to Unexist”, “How to Go Backwards”, and “If you ask me what I want”. The first poems is also the title track from my new CD/Chapbook! I am honored to be included with a long list of excellent poets on the Poetry Spotlight edited by Alexis Rhone Fancher. I was asked to submit poems last summer, which Alexis kindly accepted, but she also asked if she could take some photos of me.You can check out some of the photos on Facebook. She is documenting poets all around the Los Angeles area and being included in her series is beyond humbling. Check out her monthly feature called “A Poet’s Eye” to see her view of the City of Angeles.

Photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher


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Tic Toc Anthology

Tic Toc CoverI am honored to have my poem, “Westwood Boulevard (Why I Can’t Go Back)” included in Tic Toc, an anthology about time. The editors asked “authors to let their minds drip through the hourglass…authors created a kaleidoscopic array of time tunnels for the reader to travel through.  So take a moment, pick a door, allow yourself to fall into and through visions of past memories, revel in tangible interpretations of today, or leap light-years ahead of your own future.”

You can download a FREE PDF copy or buy a print copy from Amazon for less than ten bucks!