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Whiskey Fish Review: Winter 2016

Whiskey Fish Review: Winter 2016

A poem I wrote in October 2014, “What I Mean When I Say We Can Talk Without Poetry“,  is included in this lovely collection by Whiskey Fish Review. Some of my favorite poets/friends/people are included: JL Martindale, Kevin Ridgeway, Thomas R. Thomas, and Larry Raymond Duncan. Edited by Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo. You can view the whole […]

Scent Stained

You are the mistake I want to make I will wrap myself in your red flags and let you peel them off one silk layer at a time You are the regret I want to have I’ll bind you in my caution tape lay on a bed of warning signs cold metal against warm skin […]

Uptown Word Reading & Arts Series

 On Sunday, February 14th, I will be living a dream. What a better way to start off a romantic Valentine’s Day than with poetry and art? Not only will I be co-featuring with two of the most love filled poets I know, Boris Ingles and Karineh Mahdessian, but it will take place in the brand […]

Poet’s Haven Part 2

Once again, two more of my poems are on The Poet’s Haven this week! “The Atmosphere I Miss” was included in All the Tiny Anchors, but I always hoped it would find an independent home. The second one, “Record Scratch” has never found a home and I’m very happy it finally has! Both poems are […]

Love Letter No.1: To My Pit-Bull Self

I love the teeth of your love how you pit-bull deep into the flesh of loving How you make shrines in the empty spaces, abandoned apartments Shrines to former residents of borrowed books and toiletries envelopes full of photographs and letters in pen How you never fill the same space with new but keep building […]


Your arm hit the blinds they swung like a pendulum brightlight brightlight piercing my eyes you held up your hand to stop the sun to shade my face it felt just like love so I sunk into you in the silence First published in First Literary Review East and included in All the Tiny Anchors.


The first time you kissed me I should have seen it coming You were animal-starved pawing hungry at my hips You were hurricane-tongued bracing me against your mouth I pulled up fierce to match you claw for claw around your neck I could not hear us breathing deafened by your torrent eyes I did not […]


I keep smiling while I read them. All three texts. Sitting at a Greek place with coworkers at a long table for fifteen. Middle aged women and their husbands are asking about you. They all want to meet the man who put stars under my skin. I just told them about the place we found […]

Sonic Screwdriver

for Josh I wish I had a sonic screwdriver I wish I had a magic wand I wish I had a time machine or pixie dust or a book of spells I wish I had a genie lamp I wish I had the holy grail I wish I had a flying carpet or a portal […]

Westwood Boulevard (Why I Can’t Go Back)

I. because I’d have too many questions like does her husband know have you ever met her children do your parents know about her does she hate your new car or your new 60-inch TV does she love the extra 20 pounds I left behind II. because I know exactly how small your ass really […]