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Off the Page: The Story Behind the Stanzas

work to a calm online literary zine, March 2017

Here are three newish poems you can read in this “confessional” online zine called work to a calm. They range from sexy to sad and to empowering. Maybe none of that. Maybe only some. https://worktoacalm.wordpress.com/issue-12-march-2017/poems-by-sarah-thursday/  

Al-Khemia Poetica: Celebration of Women in Poetry

I’m incredibly honored to be included in Marie C Lecrivain‘s celebration of National Women’s month featuring a different female poet each day. Included is my poem “I will not apologize”. http://alkhemiapoetica.blogspot.com/2017/03/national-womens-month-sarah-thursdays.html  

Spectrum 7: What’s Your Heaven?

A little delayed on announcing this time, but I am again honored to be sharing pages in another Spectrum anthology, What’s Your Heaven? My poem written a couple years ago, “Comfort of Cars at Night”, found its home here. Poets I am thrilled to be included with are Lynn Bronstein, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Beverly Collins, Mark […]

Long Beach Underground Video

Long Beach Underground Video

Here I am reading a few poems for the event I did a couple months back, Long Beach Underground. It’s less than ten minutes to play. Really, you can listen without watching too. Thanks to Sanjin Obi Malesevic for putting it together!

Whiskey Fish Review: Winter 2016

Whiskey Fish Review: Winter 2016

A poem I wrote in October 2014, “What I Mean When I Say We Can Talk Without Poetry“,  is included in this lovely collection by Whiskey Fish Review. Some of my favorite poets/friends/people are included: JL Martindale, Kevin Ridgeway, Thomas R. Thomas, and Larry Raymond Duncan. Edited by Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo. You can view the whole […]


Write about important things things that move me things that crush me Write about hurricanes and avalanches the earthquakes of my soul It’s the grit beneath my fingernails it’s the cartilage in my vertebrae I am driven to expose it to pull it out hold it up to the light I am only the messenger […]

Kai Arrives at the Moon Recording

A poem I wrote for my niece to welcome her into womanhood.

Lament for the Atlantic

Seas of us stretch like solar systems. On all sides she threads charcoal death. Space between stars is space between islands circled in gray. Here, even air sinks heavy into broken-hearted eyes. I swim from the island of highways and high-rises to the island of roadless hills. Neighbored only by sea nymphs and forever sky. […]


When you rise early from your wide bed pull on your long pants, brush your porcelain teeth, do you also decide to fill your mouth with pebbles stuff them into your cheeks for stoning small children? When you gather the keys to your reliable car, drink your coffee, eat your toast and eggs, do you […]