2010s · Conversations with Gravel · Poetry

Funeral for Bees

I walk into swarming bees
to taste your honey. I
swallow sweet and sting
and comb alike. The hum
of your buzz and buzz
of your hum sticks golden
in my chest. The queen is
dying. You scratch and
mourn and bury her still
alive. Watch her wings
crush from collapsing
earth. You sing her floral
song with your failing
hands. I follow your
procession. Sway with
the bee-death dance. It’s
the corners of your eyes I
want to kiss now. Lick
every last drop.

First published on velvet-tail.

2015 · Publications

velvet-tail, issue #3

tumblr_npxaauCgdG1u9egmfo1_500 bThis incredibly creative journal, velvet-tail, has once again selected one of my poems to have a custom collage done by the editor, Canese Jarobe. View the entire poem, “Funeral for Bees”, and even one by my friend Charlotte San Juan, at velvet-tail.com. The art is sumptuous and the poetry vivid!


2015 · Publications


Elephant on Velvet-Tail┬áThis is a poetry website unlike any other I have seen. The editor,┬áCanese Jarboe, creates handmade collages to compliment the poetry she showcases on the site. She has graciously accepted “Elephant”, a poem of mine, and created a beautiful frame of leaves and flowers. She feels the leaves evoke the texture of elephant skin. The photo here is merely a glimpse. You need to visit velvet-tail.com for yourself to see my poem as well as other pieces displayed with her creative vision.