2016 · Publications

Storm Cycle 2015

2015 Storm Cycle Cover (1) I have the deepest honor to be selected for the 3rd year in a row in Kind of a Hurricane Press’s Best of Anthology, Storm Cycle 2015. The collection draws from their many print anthologies and from their online journals. This year, “Oceans Once Receded” and “To Hello Kitty From My Little Pony at WE Labs” share pages with other incredible poets such as my dear friends Kelsey Bryan-Zwick and Tina Pocha. Please go to kindofahurricanepress.com to get a copy and view the long list of poetry publications they offer!

2014 · Publications

The Poetry Lab

Since April of 2013, I have been privileged to be a part of The Poetry Lab, a twice monthly workshop held at WE Labs in Long Beach and led by Danielle Mitchell. It’s part generative workshop, part show-and-tell, and part community group. Not only have I have learned so much about the art of poetry here, I also have made immeasurable connections in the poetry world and built a poetry family. Previous to 2013, I have to admit that I wrote in isolation and only shared my poetry with supportive friends and family. I did not learn how to really improve my writing until I received real craft knowledge and constructive feedback from other poets.

I am very proud to be the first on the Member Spotlight on The Poetry Lab website. You can read a little more about me and what the workshop has meant to me on the site. You can also read a poem I wrote from a writing prompt in a Poetry Lab session called “Heaps of Your Life”. Enjoy!