Cadence Collective 2nd Monday Poetry Party

From the Long Beach Post!!!

Cadence Collective, founded in 2013 by local poet Sarah Thursday, author of All the Tiny Anchors (Sadie Girl Press, 2014), is a site that features poets from Long Beach and the surrounding area, and reliably turns out stunning poetry and visual work by local artists.

In addition, Thursday edits annual anthologies, bringing Cadence Collective’s carefully curated online presence into an expertly-made physical form. Along with these lively poetry projects, Cadence Collective also runs monthly readings the second Monday of every month at Fox Coffeehouse.

From arrival, Sarah Thursday roamed the room, welcoming and encouraging all in attendance to share their work. Vegan fare and coffee cups in hand, people continued to pack into the cozy room to the extent that we spilled over into a second, necessitating the creation of an ad hoc second seating area. Thursday and her co-host G. Murray Thomas, author of Cows on the Freeway(iUniverse, 2000) and My Kidney Just Arrived (Tebot Bach, 2011), commented on the slew of new faces in the audience.



Read more at the Long Beach Post site: Cadence Collective 2nd Monday Poetry Party


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