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Scent Stained

You are the mistake I want to make
I will wrap myself in your red flags
and let you peel them off
one silk layer at a time

You are the regret I want to have
I’ll bind you in my caution tape
lay on a bed of warning signs
cold metal against warm skin
cools your burning in my eyes

You are the fucked up mess
I want to roll around in
like a mud happy dog
drenched in your scent
I will not shake you out

How do you unsense me?

(First published in East Jasmine Review)


4 thoughts on “Scent Stained

  1. I enjoy seeing love and romance poetry which isn’t idealistic and, furthermore, is unapologetic for the raw, imperfect feel of losing oneself in the moment, much like this piece.
    It’s nice to see how much of the description in this is invested in the idea that the passion is flawed – right from the outset it’s described as a mistake – but that doesn’t make it any less powerful; if anything it makes it more so to know that common sense is being thrown away!
    A very stirring read.

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